Ruth Lake offers many opportunities for both competitive and casual tennis players providing great programming for Ladies, Gentlemen, and Juniors at all skill levels.

 For the adults, the Club provides regularly scheduled clinics, drill sessions, couples mixers, and 'hitting' lessons for those adults looking for an individual cardio workout.

For the Juniors, there are a wide range of programs. Whether it is the Tiny Tots at age 4 or the high school team member at age 18, the Juniors have events and programs to enjoy at any skill level.

The competitive tournament player can also achieve his/her goals in our programs which have produced many U.S.T.A. nationally, sectionally, and locally ranked tournament players. And, the Tennis Travel Team is a co-ed team that has 50-60 participants each year playing in local conference matches.

Paddle Tennis Professional Michael Franco heads our Paddle Tennis Program. We offer a full array of opportunities from instruction, clinics, and drills for Ladies, Gentlemen, and Juniors, to competitive league play against other private Clubs around the Chicago area.