1980s - 1994

In the mid-1980's, "an effort was made to bring the clubhouse up to level comparable to the improvements being made on the golf course, "according to Eckert. "Many meetings and rendering of options evolved into the Board of Directors presenting a remodeling program...Much discussion took place and ultimate approval was given to proceed within the established dollar limits. Alas, after initial bids were refined into contractual obligations, the cost was beyond the approved amount and the remodeling project was abandoned."

"Each year following, every Board of Directors kept the thought and need alive and brought about a total rebuilding program, begun in 1994...The siting of the new clubhouse will take advantage of our premier 18th hole. Members will still be able to debate and speculate on the approaching golfers' ability to reach the green- all in good fun.

The Clubhouse was completed in 1995 after operating from trailers for a year!