Ruth Lake Country Club boasts one of the top caddie programs in the private club sector.

For information regarding our program, please contact:

Tim Barry, Caddie Master

The New Caddie Orientation meetings have taken place and new caddie registration has concluded.  New applicants may apply beginning February of 2019. 

2018 Caddie Program

2018 Caddie Application

Today's (Thursday, May 3rd)  Caddie training session will begin at 4:00 p.m.

Caddie training will conclude on Friday, May 4th.

Caddie Training Sessions

Training sessions will be held each Tuesday, Thursday and Friday throughout the month of April, with each class beginning at 4:00 p.m. SHARP.  These training sessions take place on the golf course and last for approximately two hours, ending around 6:00 p.m.  Each caddie must attend 5 of the 12 training sessions and pass their caddie exam prior to admittance into the program.  Please take note of some very important items concerning training sessions:

*There is a mandatory dress code (that is strictly enforced) for all Ruth Lake Caddies; it is important to follow this code for training sessions as well.  NO DENIM AT ANY TIME.  Khaki shorts/ pants, collared golf shirt, hats to be worn forward at all times.  Comfortable "gym" or "tennis" shoes are highly recommended; golf spikes or cleats of any kind are prohibited.

*The weather can be unpredictable and vary from day-to-day; please dress appropriately for the day.  Windshirts, jackets, stocking caps, and rain gear may be needed depending on weather conditions; please bring those with you for training as the club does not have any for caddies to use.

*Upon arrival, please sign in on the daily sheet.  This sheet will always be found at the top of the cart barn ramp (east and below the  small parking lot).  Caddies are NOT allowed in the clubhouse, Golf Shop, or cart barn.

*During caddie training, caddies are responsible for bringing their own towel each day.  Upon completion of the training program, caddie will be given their official caddie towel.

*Cell phones must be turned to silent at all times on the property and not to be used while on the golf course.

*For those providing transportation, please drop your son(s)/ daughter(s) off in the main parking lot.  Caddies (and those providing transportation) are not to use the circle drive in front of the clubhouse. 

If you or your family has any questions concerning the program, orientations, or training session, please contact me at any time.  I look forward to meeting everyone this spring and helping each of you grow into respected and hard working caddies!!!