Guest Information

We look forward to your visit to Ruth Lake Country Club. We are located at 6200 S. Madison St., Hinsdale, Illinois. Our main phone number is 630-986-2060.

Our Main Entrance should be used for those golfing or visiting the Clubhouse for meetings, dining, or special events. Those visiting the Club for tennis or swimming pool use should utilize our north property entrance located on Madison, north of the Main Entrance, across from 59th Street, and should park in the parking lot adjacent to the tennis courts.

Valet Parking is always available at the front entrance of the Clubhouse.  This is also the appropriate place to drop off guests, packages, and golf bags. Should you wish to park your own car, you may do so in the main parking lot.  

Dress Code

Our dress code policy applies to all adults and children. 

Golf Course
Proper attire on our golf course, practice range and putting green is expected. Proper attire includes collared golf shirts, turtleneck shirts, mock turtleneck shirts for males (appropriate sleeveless tops for females), sweaters, jackets, slacks, golf skirts, golf shorts which are similar in style to walking or Bermuda shorts of an appropriate and tasteful length, and suitable golf footwear. All golf shoes shall have non-penetrating spikes. Some clothing not permitted on the golf course, practice range, and putting green includes tee shirts, undershirts, athletic/sweatshirts, sweat suits, cutoffs, running shorts, short shorts, cargo shorts, tennis attire, swimming attire, halter tops, tank tops, crop tops (no bare midriffs) and jean or denim material of any color.  Shirts shall be tucked in at all times and all hats shall be worn “bill-forward”.  Players in non-compliance with the dress code will be requested to comply prior to use of the facilities.

The clubhouse dress code follows that of the golf course requiring the aforementioned acceptable golf attire, including a collared shirt. Non-collared tee shirts are not permitted at any time. If a shirt is a fully buttoned-down shirt, it can be worn un-tucked.  Pullover-style shirts (like a golf shirt), must be tucked in. Hats may not be worn by gentlemen in the Clubhouse with the exception of the Langford Room and Bar area, and on the lower level.  Hats may be worn on the Dining Patio by all.  Hats shall always be worn bill-forward.

Denim is permitted in all areas of the Clubhouse, but not on the golf course, at the golf practice facilities, or the tennis courts.   It is always allowed in the Clubhouse unless dictated otherwise for a Club event.  All dress codes for Club events will be communicated in advance of the event.  Denim may be worn at the Swim Complex. Denim worn at the Club shall be appropriate.  Appropriate denim is defined as “denim worn with the appropriate cut, in excellent repair, and consistent in color”.  Inappropriate denim is defined as “denim worn or cut lower than waist level (baring one’s midriff), tattered, frayed, patched, or otherwise in disrepair.  This includes work-type denim such as bibs, painter’s pants, cargo pants, and cutoffs.”

Swim Complex  
Proper swimming attire is required at the swimming complex and is permitted at the Cabana only with the appropriate swim cover up and footwear.  Swim attire is not permitted on the golf course, in the Clubhouse, or on the Clubhouse Patio.  Denim is permitted at the Swim Complex.  

Tennis Complex
Proper tennis attire is required on the tennis courts and is permitted anywhere on the property with the exception of the golf course, practice range, or putting green. Males: collared shirts, tennis shorts or practice shorts; Females: tank-tops, cap sleeve, collared shirts, and tennis skirts or shorts; Juniors: T-shirts are permitted. Swimming apparel is not permitted at the Tennis Complex.  Those wearing tank tops who wish to dine within the Clubhouse or on the Patio must wear an appropriate article of outerwear, such as a warm-up jacket or wind shirt.

Cellular Telephone Usage Policy

Except in an emergency, cellular telephone calls shall not be conducted in the following areas: Main floor of clubhouse, golf course (including the practice areas), patio dining area, tennis courts, poolside and Cabana. Cellular phone and pager ringers should be turned off in these locations.  If you need to make a cellular call while at the Club, you may do so on the lower level of the clubhouse, outside the front entrance of the clubhouse, in any parking lot, in the Halfway House next to the 10th tee, or in the golf course Shelter House. Cell phones and other hand held devices, as well as tablets and laptop computers, may be used anywhere on the property for messaging as long as they are non-audible and do not interfere with the enjoyment of other members and their guests. 

Below is a link to our "Golf Guest Information Sheet" that is available to forward to your golf guests in advance of their visit.
View, save, and print as needed.

Golf Guest Information Sheet